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Search Engine Optimisation

By Terence

If you’re looking for an SEO firm in Singapore, do be wary of unethical companies who uses black hat technique for the SEO purposes.

Some of my clients’ website have been penalised by search engines because their website utilises black hat SEO. Unfortunately for many of my clients, they have no idea what is the SEO methodology used by their vendors.

This is sad, but true.

A nice quote…

By Terence

A birth certificate shows you were born.
A death certificate shows you have died.
A photo album shows you have lived.

What is PageRank?

By Terence

In my years of explaining Internet Marketing concepts to customers and friends, 1 very common asked is “What exactly is PageRank?” Many laymen can actually understand what are link buildings concepts, the theory of refreshing and updating your website’s content and etc. When it comes to PageRank and how it works, many actually go “Erm….”

Very simply, PageRank is a score given to your website. This score dictates its overall popularity with its “friends” (websites). Do take note that even if you have a very high page rank (example say 7/10), it doesn’t mean you will be ranked highly. Although it will definitely help your ranking if you have a very high score. Let me give you an example. If ABC Restaurant and DEF Restaurant both have very optimised web content, however, if the former has a higher PageRank, he or she will definitely be rank above the sites that they are competing with. PageRank is very simply the foundation needed to build your ranking methodology.

So how do you improve your PageRank? Well, the easy answer is that you should get as many inbound links from other websites that are already on a high PageRank. However, saying is definitely easier than doing it. How do you convince your friends or even strangers to link to you? What about people from the same industry? How do you convince or con your competitors to link to you? Many spammers actually do alot of Link Farming. What it means is that they build thousands of website with little or duplicated content and then linking these sites to their own website. The truth is, it doesn’t work that way anymore. Getting lots of links from a website with PageRank of 0 will do you no good. Quantity does not equate to Quality in Google’s eyes. In fact, in the recent Panda upgrade, many link farmers website actually get penalised because of it. You can have a look at JCPenny for a recent example.

PageRank – Who invented PageRank?

PageRank is actually a mathematical concept named after Google founder Larry Page. Hence the name PageRank. PageRank takes into consideration a website’s inbound links and the quality of those links to determine its value. This is a simple concept that many more “popular” websites did not think of. That’s the reason why Google was able to overleapt competitors such as Alta Vista, Yahoo! and many other search engines.

How to get links from high PageRank sites?

To improve your website’s PageRank, you need to get these “votes” from other websites. You need these websites to link to you. There are actually 2 PageRank values. 1 is invisible to you, the other is visible. The Actual PageRank value is known only to Google and it is fiercely guarded. The Toolbar PageRank is an open value open to many plugins and browsers. In fact, a very popular Firefox plugin is the Google Toolbar which enables you to view the PageRank of every site you visit. For Search Engine Optimisers like us, this is a very important tool in our SEO efforts. As with search results, your PageRank differs every few months. So, don’t be surprise if you see your ranking on the SERPs rising and falling, fluctuating as time goes by.

Besides knowing the PageRank score, you also need to know the technicality of PageRank flows. Let’s imagine a website with a PageRank of 6/10. If that particular website has 3 outgoing links, in simple terms, it means each external link actually received a PageRank juice of 2. Of course, the mathematical concept behind the PageRank value is not so simple. Search Engine Optimisation values and factors actually number in the 200s. Every different page on your website also has a different PageRank. The page on your website that has the highest PageRank should naturally be your homepage since that is the page most users will link to.

Next, you have to know whether the link you have is actually flowing PageRank juice to you. Nowadays, many blogs and forums uses “nofollow” attribute link. Which mean to say the PageRank is not passed on to the site, even though there is a link. Google introduced this to combat spam as many Internet Marketers and Black Hat SEOers actually build many link farms to link to each other. Techniques include 1-way linking, 2-way linking, 3-ways linking and 4-ways linking (or multi linking).

If you would like to find out how you can utilise SEO efforts to improve your ranking on the Search Engines Results Page (SERPs), do send us a Request for Proposal.

The Tsunami in Japan

By Terence

In just 6 minutes, the tsunami swept everything away. Including the houses…

#PrayforJapan !

Finding a Dental Clinic in Singapore

By Terence

Are you a medical tourist looking for a dental clinic in Singapore? Well, you are not alone.

Every year, tens of thousands of medical tourists come to Singapore to seek medical help. A good majority of these medical tourists are looking for affordable dental services. Even better if the dental clinic is located in the Orchard Road belt because they can easily sandwich a dental appointment in between their shopping experience.

If you are looking for an experienced dentist in Orchard Road, there are a few things to consider before making the decision.

1) The cost of the dental services

Depending on the actual dental service you require, it can range from $80 for a general tooth cleaning & polishing service to thousand of dollars for a top of the range dental implants treatment. The dental fees in the Orchard area are considerably higher than in the heartlands so do be prepared to pay more. Even though you’re paying more, the level of care you receive can be generally higher than the heartlands. Some dental clinics have massage chairs, free food & drinks, wi-fi services and even Playstations to keep you entertained!

2) Experience of the dental surgeon

Since you’re already paying that kind of money to engage a dental surgeon in the Orchard area, it makes sense to engage 1 that has years of experience. Source around. Do a search on Google and the local Internet Yellow Pages. Read comments and check out their Facebook & Twitter page. The more you know about the dentist, the more comfortable you are with letting the dentist fix your teeth.

3) The timeslots of your appointments

Preferably, you want to be able to enjoy your stay in Singapore, and at the same time go for your dental treatment. Try not to arrange for an appointment right after you’ve landed in Singapore. You do not want to rush to the clinic and do a hasty job. Similarly, do not arrange an appointment just before your flight.

Call or email the clinic way ahead and arrange for a comfortable schedule. Most dental clinics should be able to make provisions for you.

If you want to know more about finding an accredited dental surgeon, you may pop by the Singapore Dental Association website. :)

Have you utilise both Search and Social Marketing for your advertising campaign?

By Terence

Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn has seen exponential growth. These social networking sites have millions of active users on their portal everyday; users foraging for information, browsing pictures, viewing through friend’s social status updates and etc.

What has massive amount of users using these platforms have in line with marketing? Well, marketers too have gained a whole new range of channels to broastcast their messages. In fact, many smart marketers are using these channels to engage their customers, to answer their query on an instant basis and finally to use these platforms to drive up their sales opportunities.


Rolls Royce is utilising Facebook, Twitter & Youtube for its Phantom series.

By Terence

Rolls Royce is utilising Social Media Marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Youtube for its Phantom series.

“If we are not leveraging on digital we are missing out on a segment of consumers who could be our potential customers.”


Google hires while Yahoo! fires

By Terence

Global – On the same day when Yahoo! announced plans for its second round of layoffs in six weeks, Google is boasting 2011 as the biggest hiring year in company history with over 500 hires in Asia Pacific.

After cutting about 700 employees last December, Yahoo! announced it will further lay off 1% of its global workforce, which is estimated at about 130 people.

For Google, however, it wrote in an official blog post that 2011 will be “the biggest hiring year in company history”, surpassing 2007 when it added 6,000 people to Google worldwide.

In the Japan and Asia Pacific region, Google is planning to hire over 500 people.

Alan Eustace, SVP engineering and research of Google, said many of the company’s big bets, including on mobile and display advertising, have started to pay off.

According to Google, display advertising has been a main driver in 2010 and of its China business, with the largest advertisers increasing their spending by 75%.

For Asia, Google said it would continue to act as an export gateway, allowing Asian businesses of all sizes to connect with new international clients via export tools such as AdWords and AdSense. – Marketing Magazine

Never ignore these 7 kinds of pain.

By Terence

Usually a headache is just a headache, and heartburn is nothing more than a sign that you rang the Taco Bell once too often. Except when they’re not.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t quite right. More often than not, you have some idea of what’s behind it. But when it comes on suddenly, lingers longer than usual, or just seems different, it calls for medical attention–and the sooner, the better. According to our experts, all of the following pain conditions should be considered red flags


Will PAP last?

By Terence

THE founding leader of the People’s Action Party (PAP) who led it for 38 years as secretary-general has predicted its loss of power in government.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew said in a new book to be launched today that the day would come when voters ‘get tired of a stable government and say let’s try the opposition’.

PAP Lee Kuan Yew

PAP Lee Kuan Yew